It's NOT Ok Durham - Free Self-Defence

Aikido Shurenkan dojo are teaming up with the Its Not OK Durham campaign to bring you free self- defence classes this Michaelmas term. The classes will teach you how to defend yourself in the event of an attack, for example how to escape from different grips. They will also cover de-escalation techniques and the law regarding self- defence.
The techniques will be basic but effective in removing yourself from dangerous situations, regardless of your size or previous training experience. The classes are open to all students of the university.
The classes will be held on the following dates. (They will follow on in a sequence so attending all is recommended: however, they are self- contained so you can attend any individual class on its own).

Wednesday 14th November
5pm - 6pm in Hild Bede Caedmon Hall

Saturday 17th November
11am - 12pm in Hild Bede JCR

Saturday 24th November
11am - 12pm
in Hild Bede JCR

So how do I get a place?
Firstly, you must be a member of the It's Not OK at Durham campaign. You can do become a member for free on the DSU website via the link here:

Once you've done that, sign up for sessions via this Google Form:

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Shorts are not recommended as you may get burns on your knees.
Remember to bring water!
This event may contain strong language.
There is space outside of both halls where attendees can go to take a break at any time.
A reminder that a lot of the exercises will be in pairs: please bring a friend if you would feel more comfortable working with someone you know.
We are looking into how to make this event more accessible.
A welfare officer of the Its Not Ok Campaign, Louise Tilly, will also be in attendance at the groups.